AQIM releases a video honoring Abu Nur al-Andalusi on the anniversary of his death



Electronic Mujahid Shield, releases Cyber Warfare 2



Latest Intelligence Alerts issued from our Operations Room


A´maq news agency (IS) releases two statements on two air-strikes carried out by drones in Syria ----- Pro-IS channels release anti-Spain propaganda using Inquisition period ----- Possible Spanish within the ranks of the SDF ----- New extortion system called "gota-a-gota" implemented in Mexico DF ----- Identified an increasing of illegal taxis in Mexico DF ----- Video on final ultimatum to German hostage released by Abu Sayyaf group - Philippines ----- Possible terrorist attack in France ----- One of the policemen wounded in the explosion Bogota died



Bilbao 4 de Mayo de 15 a 19 horas.




Bilbao 5 de Mayo de 10 a 14 y de 15 a 19 horas.



II Seminario Técnicas Operativas Terrorismo Islamista


II Seminario Técnicas Operativas Terrorismo Islamista


El próximo 6 de marzo se va a celebrar el II Seminario "Técnicas Operativas Terrorismo Islamista".

Con una duración de 6 horas aproximadamente, el Seminario va a tratar temas operativos especialmente diseñados para miembros de las Fuerzas y Cuerpos de Seguridad en todas sus jurisdicciones. Desde Policía Nacional y Guardia Civil, a Policias Autonómicas y Locales/ Municipales.

A new Concept of Security


AICS is the leader in Private Intelligence and Security Consulting in Spain, with an extensive network of partners worldwide, working to provide you the most detailed and accurate information required for your business or trips. With AICS, you and your family can be sure to never be alone. Our specialists team is always working to provide relevant information you need.

Our responsibility is to ensure that you can enjoy a safe environment wherever you travel or develop your professional activity.
When you decide to expand your business, no matter where you want to, we provide you the Intelligence Reports  and Security Analysis necessary for you to include in your decision making process and ensure project success. Protect your sensitive facilities and ensure that your country is always at the forefront of security measures through AICS with its Security Studies. Give your visitors comfortable sense of security from the moment they step the Airport. AICS develops Security Plans based on discretion and professionalism.





Turkey threatens US if supports YPG (170219)

During a press conference in Munich, Turkish Primer minister announced that his country will not catively participate in the military operation headed to take ar-Raqqah.


Criminal activity increasing in Bahamas (170219)

Since the beginning of 2017, the criminal activity has exponentially increased in Bahamas and specially in Nassau.


Mexican drug-cartels threaten Costa Rica (170219)

During the last months Costa Rica has experienced an increase on the presence of individuals of the main mMexican drug-cartel in the country.


Selective entry ban in US - Consequences (170129)

The signature of this Executive Order, beyond its consequences at domestic level, it is considered very mnuch negative ofr European interests.





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