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Video of Wilayat Ninive showing combat systems in Mosul

Video about the training of a Special Operations Unit of Tahrir al-Sham



Latest Intelligence Alerts issued from our Operations Room


Mar22, 2017. Increased crime in and around Tegucigalpa - Honduras.

Mar20, 2017. Journalists in the spotlight of organized crime - Mexico.

Mar24, 2017. Calling on Palestinians to take up arms against Israel.

Mar22, 2017. Incident outside Parliament in London.

Mar23, 2017. Possible terrorist attack (attempt) in Antwerp - Belgium.

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Kuwaiti and Qatari finance network of al-Qaeda (170320)

In the past MAR14, the Treasury Department announced that it had included on the List of International Terrorists Muhammad Hadi al-Anizi. 


Tension intensifies in northern Sinai (170313)

Since the report published by AICS on FEB 24 related to the exodus of Coptic Christians from al-Arish, to the present, the tension in the north of Sinai has grown exponentially.


Israel strikes Hezbollah´s missiles depot with F-35 bombers (170307)

The Israeli Air Force has begun using F-35 fighter jets in its operations in Syria against Islamist groups


Islamic State advances in Sinai

Since the beginning of 2017, the advance of the Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula is becoming more visible.


Irán and Hezbollah the two emerging main actors in Syria


The Geneva IV talks are provoking, with their failed attempt to reach agreements among the parties, that new political and military positions on the Syrian scene will take place.


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