All our services are designed to provide security to you, your business and your family. When travelling to risky places, do not worry about the security, a team of AICS study the conditions of the place you plan to visit and advise you on the measures to be taken.

Similarly, we have packages of AICS services for NGOs, when they have to deploy staff in areas of conflict.

With AICS, your critical facilities will be fully equipped with the ultimate security electronic equipment. The Security Studies carried out by our staff, ensure a thorough analysis of the vulnerabilities in order to adapt the measures to the real threat.

All this with the discretion, professionalism and objectivity that have always characterized AICS



In AICS we work to support your decisions in expanding your business to other environments. The changing world in which we lived in, has forced us to take into account more rigorously the security of new business scenarios. In AICS, we perform a thorough study of those conditions, providing our Clients an objective and realistic view of what can be found.

Moreover, AICS not only will expose the threats but we provide the Customers security measures to reduce and eliminate those threats.

All this, before any worker has set foot in the new workplace



A risk work for the benefit of others is that of the NGOs in the countries in which they operate. Security conditions are not always the best and the risks they take with their work is very high. Therefore, AICS has specific programs for staff of NGOs in order to help them learn the ways of action in case of emergency. AICS develops Evacuation Plans which are to be applied by members of the NGOs and with the support of the Evacuation Operating Team of AICS help solve the crisis with the least possible risk.

Private Customers


AICS, has developed a series of products that provide Customer with basic preparation to face crisis situations. Through a series of courses and seminars, AICS and AIG Clients receive a setting of their new place of residence and ways to act in an emergency. The so called "preloss" is the cornerstone that avoid serious situations not only for the Client but for his family.In addition to lectures and courses, AICS has specially designed services to meet these needs. The flagship of AICS, Safe Travel product, is the most comprehensive service coverage for families and individuals who exists today in the market. Safe Travel covers all Customer needs from you planning a trip until you are back home, and it is also adapted to those who have to stay in place for long periods of time. The combined work of the Analysis Section and the Operational Teams offer the Customer the confidence that he will never be alone.

Safe Travel is basically a service that strengthens preventive measures to be applied by the customer, while offering reactive action in case of need, as the Crisis Management Team and its associated services measures.

Official Institutions


AICS develops projects for Official Institutions. Many countries, due to global economic circumstances found in tourism an important source of revenue. But the image that these countries give to tourists when they arrive is very important. The need to give visitors the feeling of security is crucial to choosing the destination for their trip. It is key that the tourist feels that the dangers around the world today do not exist in the vacation spot .

AICS with its Security Studies and Safety Plans, helps create the security environment and supports the Official Institutions to attract tourism projects to be achieved.

In addition , the specialists also conduct AICS Security Studies for those critical facilities that may be subject to hostile action. From airports, oil refineries, pipelines, museums or resorts to any facility that is considered of strategic interest.

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