Security Alert Service

Security Alert is a service provided exclusively by AICS, headed to keep our Customer informed at all time on possible risk situations in those place where they have interests. however, Security Alert is not only a report document but something else. It includes a quick Assessment on the situation and its possible outcomes, a Threat Assessment and Security Recommendations. When receiving a Security Alert, our Customers do not need to think on what to do but just follow the recommendations provided. From routes to be avoided or places no to enter, to alternative roads, secure sites to be and all aspects that help our Customers in a crisis environment. 



But, this is not the only product that comprises this service. When the situation so requires, from AICS Operations Room, our analysts issue a Special Intelligence Report, centered on a particular situation, country or Region, carrying out a deep analyses that provides our Customers a complete knowledge of the situation, necessary during the Decision-taking process. Many of our Customers have tested how useful this document becomes when the environment turns critical. Our Sources on the ground are able to provide accurate information that it is impossible to get from other Sources (media) to allow our Analysts to prepare the Special Intelligence Report.


And the third product that completes this service is the Intelligence Summary. Every Sunday evening our Customers received by the agreed procedure an Intelligence Summary on the events occurred during the last seven days. It is structured by countries and also comprises an intelligence analysis of those events and their possible outcome for the next seven days. The objective of this document is to put it on our Customer´s hands on Monday morning during their Staff meeting and support them in their Weekly Planning Process.



Three documents in one Service designed to create a safer and more secure working environment to our Customers and anticipate the decision to the possible risks.  


Once again, AICS loyal to its commitment to support our Customers, has created a Service that puts on our Customers the important information imperative to manage their investments not matter where they are located. Our Intelligence Operators at the Operations Room are working 24/7 the whole year four you, your interests and your family.


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