General Services

Investigative Services

AICS has among its objectives, to provide services that ease all projects that our Customers that when expanding their companies, or just because they want to ensure their already consolidated business. The changing world that society in general is immersed in and the new threats showing up every day, need a serious response. The only way to design the strategy to neutralize those challenges is by means of a deep knowledge based on the work of professionals. AICS is here to support Customers in those objectives. Learn more about each of our investigative services.


The services provided are:

Due Diligence
TSCM (Techincal Surveillance Counter-Measures)
Security Audit

Protective Services

In our aim to provide a safe environment to our Customers and their relatives, business infrastructures and whatever facility considered as critical, we have a wide offer of products intended to achieve such objective. All documents are designed and developed to fit the requirements of the Customer, providing accurate and updated information that can be of critical knowledge during the planning process.


The Services provided are:

Security Analysis
Security Study

Crisis Management

Lately, large multinational companies have changed their decision making process, giving much value to the security and stability of the country to be set, and prioritizing the safety of their new facilities and their employees. However, as can be seen every time we read international newspapers, despite these precautions and the detailed study conducted by companies and those that are going to take a trip to any of those places, it is impossible to finish with the risk involved and always just materialize in some kind of criminal action. In this unpredictable scenario, it is necessary the support of specialists who, in due course, know how to react to crisis situations. AICS is the only Spanish company with the team of specialists ready to address the crisis and help its Customers to handle the situation and bring it to a good end.


The Services provided are:

Crisis Management Plan.
Crisis Management Team
Evacuation Operations

Special Services


AICS has among its collaborators, personnel trained as intelligence analysts who carry out special reports on those areas considered as crisis zones. Mainly are professionals living in the area itself or in the vicinity, who have a clear and non-biased picture of the events on going. Additionally,  AICS publishes in its website intelligence documents that give a professional, objective and updated vision on the most important events throughout the world. These documents are:

Intelligence Reports (INTREP)
Intelligence Summaries (INSTUM)
Security Analysis.

In general terms, the Intelligence Reports make a deep analysis on criminal events or organizations, while the Security Analysis are focused on particular areas of interest that have degraded their security situation to a critical stage.These documents are also prepared upon request by our Customers, pointing their sight on the information necessities exposed. Their content and final user are kept confidential and their disclosure its in final user´s decision.


Security has become a main concern for everybody. From Official Institutions, industrial facilities or even to tourists when travelling, the feeling of being in a safe environment is more and more necessary. However, it is quite normal to mix the concept of security with the fact of safety. It depends on the facility to be secured, the implementation of each of these concepts. Company facilities, industrial complexes, critical installations, are examples of sites that need a strong security system. In these cases, deterrence plays an important role and could be an effective tool to prevent criminals to carry out any attempt to enter. In other cases, it is more important that people feel safety by means of non-intrusive measures. AICS, through its Department of Operations, carries out all actions especially designed to create those environments. Our aim is to increase security and implement safety, using ultimate devices tailored for each facility. We make a wide use of non-intrusive technical equipment, preserving privacy but providing security at its highest level. The basic services provided by AICS, but not the only are:

Security Designs.
Security Plans.
Special Events Security Architecture.
Security Management.


There are two services that, because of their special nature, are considered of specific attention. These services are designed to provide specific security and efficiency skills to both private persons and security personnel. The services are:

Training. Courses specially designed to security forces that cover all aspects to face the new threats. Our specialists train security personnel in so specific fields like Anti-terrorism, Police Intelligence, Cyber security, Anti-riots Operations and Police Special Operations.
Travel Risk Assessment. This product is specially prepared to satisfy all needs that private people require when travelling to sensitive places. Our personnel of the Analysis Section has an updated data base and are keeping eyes on those red-spot areas as for daily basis. In case of been required, they can prepared an ad hoc Security Analysis to provide our Customers with the latest information and the immediate future assessment.

When developing Security Plans, we have a pool of companies at the first level in electronic devices specially designed for security that carry out all kind of technical issues according to the necessaries exposed by our security advisors

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